July 12, 2016

Special design for existing packages.
This model insert is especialy designed for the cardboard boxes equiped with a spout and plastic bolttles with standard threads.  

With this design
it’s possible to add the dosing to your product in three ways.

  1. A seperate dosing model, inserted into the spout and sold / delivered seperatly. (Left model)
  2. The dosing model inserted when the box is filled. (Left Model)
  3. A spout replacement with fixed dosage by design. (Right Model)

The white label on the box shows a sealing option when the product is sold with the dosing in the box.


Plastic bottle with any design.
The bottle can be equipped with the dosing option before selling or you can offer it as “add-on”. Just offering your product in a capped bottle and re-use the dosing. The dosing can be easily adjusted to your personal wishes. You can even have different users of a product in one household. All with their own preferred dosage.



Several packages like Rice, Macaroni, Chocolate Sprinkles, Candy Coated Aniseed and even Washing Detergent will be able to benefit from our patented dosing design.

Lassie nieuw 120px lassie 1 de ruijtermacaronimuisjes

dixan waspoederdreft-waspoederbiotex waspoederariel waspoeder


Even when the package is equiped with a spout.

Kristalsuiker_500742419tom met koffie


Also several types of bottles and canisters will be able to use our patented dosing design.


Plastic DoseerDoseer 1DoseerVB1

You can even put your product into a bottle, insert our design and dose straight out of the bottle. And the customer is even in contol of the amount of each dose.