12D 4 YOU?

July 12, 2016

Lot of products may benefit
from our dosing design. Your product will be much more adapted to the needs of your client, simply because you can offer them a guideline about how much of your product should be used.

Most of us don’t know the amount of washing detergent needed for a specific amount of load. They use al kinds of ways to try and dose it by separate Balls, Nets and even make a big tablet of the stuff. With our product you can tell the client just how many “one dose” will be needed in a certain situation.

For some other products it would be nice for this to come out of the package in the right amount, suited for the product.

For example:

One person rice portion would be about 65 grams, resulting in approximately 125 grams when cooked. It’s only logical if this 65 grams amount is poured out of your package, when you pour once. When you pour twice, it will be 130 grams, of course.

It is also possible to dose only 35 grams of rice, when pouring once. In this manner you can dose for one person with two pours, and for a bigger eater you pour three times. The choice is up to you, as the manufacturer of the product.

However Sugar needs to be about 5 grams. Just like the Sugar sticks. So this is a different dose, but our design is still the same, for both.

Our dosing system will be able to do many different amounts of dosing.
Only a small part of the design will be altered to suit the amount needed.

tom met koffieSome dry consumer product could benefit from dosing are:

  • Sugar – Powder Milk – Rice – Macaroni – Coffee – etc.

But also other dry material like:

  • Washing Detergent / Powder

And…. Also liquids can be outfitted to benefit, like:

  • Washing Liquids – Fabric Softener
  • Lemonade – Medical liquids – All kind of Oils
  • And all different other liquids….