May 10, 2016

12dose logo4Want To Dose offers you a possibility to offer your your client just a little bit better product. Because we all wonder, howmuch of this should we use.

Also proven, children like the idea when they can make their sandwich without losing control over the amount they pour. That’s also reassuring to the parrents.

Several designs, suited for different packages are Patented. Because the basic design is very simple it’s easy to adapt to several different packages. Making it the way to go.

The pharma industrie, dosing is a huge thing. Sometimes product is measured by spoon size. But let’s be real. The “spoon” come in lots of different sizes. And a spoon is not always available which might result in guessing. With 12Dose the bottle will just pour out the right amount. No more “Spoon”, no more “guessing”.

We designed two separate models specific for two different types of packaging. Although the function and methode stays the same, whatever container your product uses..

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