What 2 expect

Make your package more usable, make it a dosing system

Stops, when it’s enough

Make your package more functional by just adding a dosing option. When the stream just stops at the preset amount, your customer knows what the right amount should be… It will prevent “not beeing excact” when not knowing howmuch the amount should be.

Simple – Perfect function

The design is simply perfect and the dosing is very accurate, every time. It will empty almost everything when the design is accurate. It can be designed in many ways mounting depending on your needs and wishes. Should it be re-usable or fixed? That’s your choice.

a better cardboard box

We didn’t forget the normal and regular cardboard box. Dosing your material is no problem for us. Even this box was improved upon. The opening was altered slightly to make it stay open when you pour out the goods. This way preventing blockage of the opening.

Design 2 fit your needs.

Do you want a different design, collor or fitted to a specific package. Contact us, we will meet your needs. Offcoarse, when this is possible. This could be the way it’s mounted, different material, adjustable dosage, and even with a liquid dosing lock and angle “extra liquid” added..

12Dose will work! 4 You?

Dosing is just not suited for everything, everybody and everywhere. Is it suited for you?
Dosing needs a few "things" to make it work and "adjustment" to make it work perfect.

When the goods are dry, there is a matter of product and portion size. Some part can be adjusted by resizing the dimensions. However, it needs to fit inside the box.

When dosing liquids there is the isseu of thickness and also portion size of the liquid. To understand we can better explain by showing the way it works.

There is a difference in design between a cardboard box and other packages. However the way it works is for all the same. We can design a dosing canister te be a part of a special action, part of a gift basket or just to sell for a specific purpose or goods. It's all the same for us, because the function of dosing stays the same.

That's because the 12DOSE concept is very easy to adapt to almost any situation.

  • Dry Goods


  • Liquids


  • Canisters

    Suited for most dry goods and liquids.

  • New Design Package

    Support and suited for all the above.

Meet Your "Want To Dose" Team

Let me introduce the team 2 you...
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Tom Coronel

Patent Owner, Media Specialist, CEO
Tom, wanted a dosing system to complete his Caffee Coronel product line to include Powder Milk and Sugar. All in one type container with a dosing system to look nice on your kitchen counter top. But also for business, to get rid of the Bags and Sticks.
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Henk Braam

Patent Co-Owner, Inventor & Design, CTO
Inventor, Designer and Developer of these special concepts. 3D Designer, 3D Printing for prototyping. Designed the package model Plano for the Regular Cardboard packages.
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Henk Braam

Account Manager, Sales Representative.
Information Pending
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Alano Braam

Webmaster, Hosting & Content Manager
Website design and Content.

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